Top Furniture Tips for Your Office

Top Furniture Tips for Your Office

There is no denying that the atmosphere of an office has a direct impact on the efficiency level of the employees. Talking about office atmosphere, the furniture plays an important role in the employees’ productivity level and attitude. Therefore, the office furniture should be quite comfortable for the employees; it needs to be since they spend approximately 8-10 hours in an office. Thus it is fair enough to provide them with adequate, up to date and comfortable furniture. However, setting up the office furniture is not an easy task. One has to keep in mind many things related to it such as the cost, the number of furniture required, workspace, the type of furniture which will keep the correct posture of the employees, and other details.

Tips for Selecting Office Furniture

First and foremost, the cost of the office furniture has to be kept in mind. Comfortable furniture costs more than the regular one. However, it is a long-term investment and one should invest wisely.

Depending upon the office space available, the right number of the furniture should be purchased. Acquiring furniture more than the available size will make the office look small, cramped and untidy.

Traditional office furniture is made of wood which has a danger of catching fire easily. Modern furniture is made of steel, and it is a better option for an office.

Choosing the right sort of furniture will contribute to the office employees’ well-being, and boost their productivity level. Ergonomic furniture must be given top priority since it is designed to deliver comfort, and counter health risks.

Furniture should be appealing as it keeps in helping the stress level low. Use different color schemes that are eye-pleasing and they need to give the office an up-to-date look.

Tips to Arrange Office Furniture

A well-arranged workspace has been proven to increase productivity and boost the mood of an office workforce. Arranging office furniture may seem like a tedious task, but the following tips will help in creating the office more organized and pleasant:

  • The entrance of the office should have minimum furniture. This will give the office entrance an illusion of being spacious. Keeping more office furniture in the entrance not only disturbs the movement of workers but also shrinks the space
  • Place the desks at the center of the office or in employee cubicles. Free space will be created for additional storage or an extra seating
  • Create a visual stability with your office furniture. The furniture should be evenly distributed in the office. So that one part of the room is not loaded with furniture and the other half is less occupied
  • Do not overload the office with furniture. In case of an emergency, it will become difficult to exit the building with the furniture all around
  • Technology is ever-changing and the old technology is not as effective as before. It should be kept in mind that the technology required for the office should be balanced with the furniture. So that one does not find himself/herself cramped and cluttered amongst paperwork

Ergonomic Office Furniture

Ergonomics is also termed as human engineering. The study of ergonomic allows humans to perform their tasks efficiently without any health risks. Ergonomic furniture refers to any item such as a table, chair etc. which is designed to allow a person to remain healthy and maximize his/her productivity. For example, an ergonomic standing desk allows adjustment according to the person’s height. Plus the standing desk lowers the risk of obesity which leads to heart diseases, diabetes, and other health issues.

The standing desk also helps in improving the energy level and mood of the office employee. A well-designed ergonomic chair allows the user to sit in a balanced position. In offices, a lot of time is spent working while sitting, so it is imperative to make sure that the sitting posture should be correct. Otherwise, the worker will suffer from spinal problems later on in life. Giant technological companies who have revolutionized the world such as Google, Facebook, etc. provide ergonomic office furniture to their employees.

The atmosphere created within the office, can either have an optimistic or adverse influence on the employees. The productivity level of the employees increases since their health concerns are addressed. They feel at ease in their office.  Therefore, choosing the office furniture is an integral part of producing an efficient workspace that inspires high-level productivity.


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7 SEO Tricks Every Small Business Needs

7 SEO Tricks Every Small Business Needs

In case you’re just starting with SEO, there’s one thing you need to know. As with everything in life, SEO is definitely worth it but it takes time to pay off. However, the best thing about SEO is that, with a few tricks, you can manage to do it by yourself. You don’t need to have years of experience in marketing or to be a web designer.

So, here are 7 SEO tricks by Wood & Co. Creative Design that every small business owner should know about:

1. Start Your Own Blog

Have you ever wondered why so many small businesses have their own blog? Yes, that’s right! It’s for SEO purposes. Google loves unique and relevant content. And having a blog is your way to accomplishing it. When this is your first blog, you may be wondering about what you can write about. You can start writing about the new industry trends, new products that have just been launched, offer useful tips and tricks to your audience, among others.

Blogs can also serve another purpose – to set you up as a local authority in your industry. In order to achieve this, you can share them in social media which will get you some backlinks as well as some other website might like what you’re writing and link back you to.

2. Set Up A Google My Business Account

Google has a free service where you can easily get your business website listed. It’s called My Business and after you create an account with Google, your business profile will appear in their local maps.

In case you have a restaurant or a coffee shop, this can help you get a lot of customers since people are already used to search for the nearby places on their smartphones.

3. Build Backlinks

Backlinks are links from other websites that are pointing to yours. This is a great way to establish yourself as an authority in your niche. Besides, it will help you rank higher on search engines.

The best way to start building backlinks is to join and create business profiles in websites like Foursquare, Bing Local, or Yelp. You can also create your own business page on LinkedIn and have your own channel on YouTube.

4. Don’t Forget About Metatags

Although many people believe metatags are worthless, they really aren’t. Metatags include your titles, headers, and description of every page and post you have on your website. Metatags are still an important part of your website since this is the way Google has to know the search terms that are more relevant to your website pages and posts.

5. Ask For Reviews To Your Customers

Having reviews about your business is a very important thing. This can help you have more customers, increasing your revenues, and making your business grow. So, every time you can, make sure that you ask your customers to leave their reviews on either the My Business website or on any other reviews website you have added your business to.

6. Always Mention Your City And State

When you have a local business, you really need to make sure that you always mention the city ad state where you operate. This will help you rank better when people search for your specific service or product in your region.

7.  Make Sure Your Site Works on Mobile

Mobile searches and purchases are increasing every year that passes by. So, having a good website designed to work on both desktop and mobile devices is something that you should consider. This is one of the factors that Google is taking into account to rank your website.

Having a website that isn’t optimized for mobile isn’t an option anymore.

As we stated at the beginning, your efforts won’t pay off in the short-term. But if you continue to work hard and learn new things, you’ll see how your website will start ranking higher in the search engines ad you’ll see it grow. we highly recommend WhiteSpark if you are looking for local SEO services.

5 things to consider for local SEO

5 things to consider for local SEO

Search Engine Optimization is a must have if you want to get the best of your website, either be more website traffic or popularity. There are some tips to follow in order to achieve that.

As a website owner, the first thing you want to do is to improve your SEO, by doing that the probabilities to show your page as one on the top options in whatever search engine the customer is using are higher.

In this article, we are going to give you 5 tips to have in consideration for boosting your local SEO.

  1. Usage of the right information

In order to provide your website with a lot of incoming users and potential customers you have to provide the right information in every aspect, not only the information on your blog but in the set-up of the actual website.

You have to make sure you provide the location of your business, name, address, and place in order to local SEO find you as a better option for users, this is especially necessary when you don’t have a physic shop of your business in the area.

The keywords are also important, make sure you put the most accurate keywords and not stuffing your website with a lot of them, the more precise they are more are the chances to get viewers.

Finally, the content of your site is really important, you have to be in the perspective of the user and provide the information that will cover their necessities, if not you will lose a potential customer.

  1. Use blogging to improve your physical business

Blogging itself is really helpful to get you customers in general, but having a physical business and blogging constantly new information about it, can improve even more your traffic.

The more active you are on your blog the better the options for local SEO to show you to potential customers.

  1. Be interactive with your customers

This is one if not the most important thing to get you, potential customers and viewers. The interaction with you customers and users can generate more potential customers in general.

Being interactive by commenting with your customers, asking for their opinion of your site or product, is going to give you eventually more credibility and popularity.

To make sure you get good feedback from your customers you have to offer good quality products or services when your reputation is higher according to customers opinions you will be more attractive to local SEO and potential customers in general.

  1. Don’t forget the Social Media

Social media is a must have nowadays to improve business popularity and publicity, the massive impact social media has over business is impressive, in fact, has become a marketing tool for many companies, and the best aspect of them is that are for free.

Through social media, you can interact with your customers, show your product and service if you provide with helpful and interesting information your followers might spread it and make it viral.

The more shares and likes your content receives the more are the probabilities to increase your potential customers and followers.

  1. Interact with other bloggers

Making an alliance with other bloggers with similarities in content it is a great traffic booster, sharing links to each other’s websites might get you both more potential customers.

If you post links on other´s person blog the chances are that their followers might see your content and possibly follow you as well. This is a very popular technique used by many people to increase the credibility and popularity of their websites as well as the local SEO impact.